VBOX: Vehicle testing using GPS

Video VBOX: State of the art in-car Video

Racelogic: Experts in data logging, video and GPS

LabSat: GNSS Simulation made simple

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Racelogic Products

Measure, record, display, simulate and analyse data

Racelogic design and develop high accuracy GPS data loggers, speed sensors, displays, video data loggers, and modules.

As specialists in GPS, CAN, Inertial, and Video Technology, we offer products designed to be suitable for applications in Vehicle Testing, Motorsport, Marine, Defence, Aviation, and GPS Device Testing & Simulation.


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Accurate testing of speed and position


  • VBOX data loggers and speed sensors are based on high accuracy GPS and inertial measurement technology. They can be used with a range of input and output modules, making VBOX systems a powerful and flexible method of data acquisition.
  • Common uses include brake testing, performance measurement, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Validation, Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS126) testing, Aquaplane Testing, Coastdown, Durability Assessment, Drive-by Noise Testing, Marine Testing, Mining Systems Monitoring, and many more...


Video VBOX

A new dimension to data acquisition

  • Combines video recording from up to four bullet cameras with GPS data logging and real-time user configurable graphics
  • Used for Automotive Testing, Motorsport, Driver Training, and many more applications in industry and leisure



Affordable full-constellation GPS simulator

  • Records real world GPS signals, replays GPS RF data and simulates user defined scenarios
  • Used for Testing & Developing GPS Devices (such as smart phones, navigation systems, and tracking devices), Chipset Development, and Location Based Services


PB-DBPerformance Meters

DriftBox & PerformanceBox – low price performance meters

  • GPS based performance meters for measuring a vehicle's speed, g-force, lap times, drift angle (with DriftBox), power, and handling.
  • Help to improve track driving skills and measure performance.


Traction Control

  • Aftermarket traction control system maximising acceleration whilst retaining full driver control.

CAN Tran

  • Provides digital vehicle speed and engine RPM signals from vehicles equipped with CAN bus wiring: commonly used in taxi meters.

CAN Speed Interface

  • Provides engine speed and road speed from a vehicles CAN.

CAN Display

  • Displays real - time CAN data.